Oracle is today’s new toy for me. And by toy I mean frequent source of frustration. One issue I battled this morning was getting dbca to start. It would just hang at the command line prompt with no feedback about what it was or wasn’t doing. netca and oem would launch just fine so it didn’t seem to be a Java or X11 configuration issue.

The Oracle forums were of no help but I did find a workaround here. What to do when dbca does not start?

So, I yanked my cable a bit, then, remembering I’m on a wireless Linux laptop, shutdown the network service. Then dbca launched. Of course then dbca couldn’t connect to the databases so I had to start the network again. Good times.

This doesn’t solve the fundamental problem – I certainly couldn’t shutdown the network in a production environment and I doubt it would fly on an Oracle certification exam but at least I’m able to continue with my Oracle adventures.